Thursday, December 11, 2008

7. Trade and Business in Coimbatore

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Trade is always referred to the buying and selling of voluminous products. In general agriculture can produce a high volume of goods. Further Coimbatore industries produce versatile products for consumption and exports.

Agricultural and Plantation Products:

Thus Coimbatore and the adjoining hilly ranges and countryside produce tea, coffee, potato and other vegetables. The Coimbatore tea trade association conducts weekly auctions to sell great volume of teas produced in nearly 600 estates. The teas are bought by the exporters for the international trade and re-packers for the inland retail markets. Potatoes harvested in Nilgiris are sold in the cooperative markets at Mettupalayam.

Vegetables and Flowers:

The hill vegetables received from Ooty and Kodaikanal of the western ranges and the country vegetables received from the adjoining rural areas are sold and transported in trucks to adjoining state of Kerala. Besides vegetable and banana, roses received from Ooty and Bangalore and jasmine from rural areas are air lifted to Mumbai for onward flights to Arab countries. You can witness a busy market for all grains, pulses, spices and condiments in the street shops of Coimbatore old town.

Industrial Products:

Yarns and clothing produced in hundreds of textile mills and engineering products generated from thousands of small and big factories in Coimbatore are exported to other states and countries. Motor and pumps are exported to a number of Asian, African, Arab and European countries. The manufacturers of textile machineries and automobile components have tied up with original equipment manufacturers to sell all their productions.

Electrical and Engineering products:

You can see an engineering product-market on the Dr. Nanjappa road where multifarious machines and spares, nuts and bolts, plastic and rubber products, wires and nets, electrical wires and switches are sold to the local market needs. Further you can see all the passenger trains to Kerala are carrying a lot of electrical and plastic goods to meet the needs of the neighboring state.

Automobile Spares and Components:

The car and two wheelers manufacturers of international brands in Chennai, Mumbai and Pune are having business contracts with the Coimbatore industries. Coimbatore industries produce auto components like cast aluminum engine body, wheel spokes and air-horns and supply to these prime industries. The Coimbatore switch gear industry has a say on the demands of the agro industrial needs of the country and as well to meet export prospects.

Coimbatore industry has technical know-how and feasibility to make and supply any thing to the demands of bigger corporate companies or government undertakings besides India’s defense needs. The industry is backed by Government departments, industrial associations, educational and financial institutions.

Innovative Spirits of Coimbatore:

There are exporters of very many agricultural and industrial products. Knitted garments are exported from Tiruppur. The trade, commerce and business of Coimbatore city is fully supported by the innate inventive and innovative spirits and characters of the people of this Coimbatore region.